Blue Green Vision provides automatic optical systems to sort plastics for recycling

Plastics pollution is a major environmental crisis facing the world and in particular its oceans. The impact of these materials on our environment and food chains is only just beginning to be understood. The situation is complicated and major action is required to reduce the use of plastics, reuse or repurpose plastics products or recycle them.
Blue Green Vision is a technology company developing solutions to recycle plastics. Instead of plastic waste being a problem, we aim to turn it into a valuable material resource, so that collecting and recycling plastics is a profitable activity.
Our products identify each type of plastic so that they can be separated and the materials reused.

Our Product

Blue Green Vision produces optical products which use infrared light eyes can not see to differentiate between different types of plastic, such as PET, PCV, PE, PS. Our first product will be a hyperspectral camera, which can simultaneously identify what materials is present in many different locations at the same time. The hyperspectral camera will be used in Materials Recycling Facilities (MRFs) so that plastics can be separated and the materials reused.
Our system is non-contact, instantaneous and fully automatic making it idea to sort large volumes of waste.
The product has technical specifications which enable it to achieve better yield and purity that existing technology. Please contact us for further information.

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